Thank God for Something [ Hawk Nelson ]

1. května 2018 v 10:28 | lexi

in the wonder, in the heartache
in the good times and the mistakes
no matter what I am going through
i can always say thank you

if you got a lot or a lotta nothing
go ahead and thank god for something
you're gonna see the good if you're good at looking

so go ahead and thank god for something

Where You Belong [ Kari Kimmel ]

30. dubna 2018 v 11:29 | lexi

anything, come what may
don't look back forget yesterday
it's not where you come from
it's where you belong
nothin' I would trade
i wouldn't have it any other way

you're surrounded
by love and you're wanted
so never feel alone
you are home with me
right where you belong

Broken Heart [ Escape The Fate ]

25. března 2018 v 15:16 | lexi

i'm letting go
cause I can't take this anymore
since you broke my heart in two
and now I know
that you don't love me anymore
so take my broken heart with you

The Vamps [Somebody To You ft. Demi Lovato]

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Periscope [ Papa Roach feat. Skylar Grey ]

9. června 2017 v 20:07 | lexi

i don't want to dive in first
you don't want to hear these words
it's only going to make it worse
you don't want to live that curse
you're telling me to keep my hope
cause you've got a heart of gold
but maybe you should let me go
i love you through a periscope

Forever Country [ Artists Of Then, Now & Forever ]

4. února 2017 v 14:10 | lexi

[ Cinderella ] Daughtry

1. ledna 2017 v 20:11 | lexi

[ Good Life ] OneRepublic

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Hallelujah [ Il Divo ]

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úplná husina na konci, nádherné!